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What is Inpatient Treatment at IsoGop About?

by in Blog May 8, 2020

Inpatient rehab – also known as residential treatment, is centered on long-term recovery for alcohol or drug addiction patients. It is the best rehab service available to this category of patients because the programs are channeled to help boost mental health and medical detox under surveillance that reduces the chances of relapse. At IsoGop, we […]

What is NA?

by in Blog December 11, 2018

Narcotics Anonymous is an off shoot of Alcoholics Anonymous. After those struggling from alcohol addiction saw that the Alcoholics Anonymous program worked for them, they realized that the same structure could also be followed with success for those seeking recovery from drug addiction.

Methods of Treatment

by in Blog December 11, 2018

There are many methods of treatment that we offer at The “IsoGop” Addiction Recovery Center, but one of our best and most effective treatment modalities are the group therapy sessions that we facilitate. Oftentimes people that are in recovery from addiction are lacking adequate support networks. This is because addicts have a tendency to isolate […]