Center Policy

The only requirement for attending the “IspGop” meeting is the desire to stop using. However, there are some things to keep in mind in order keep things running smoothly. All people that are struggling with addiction come from unique backgrounds and different life experiences. In order for these meetings to function properly and to truly fulfill their purpose it is important that everyone in attendance do their best to keep an open mind.

Listening is just as much an important part of the process as speaking. Our meetings run on a limited scope of time and observe all the most current traditions of Narcotic Anonymous. While sharing your experiences is important, do your best to make sure that you are also allowing enough time for others to share as well. Listening is the first step towards being of service. Remember that despite the differences you have, you all share a common ground. You are all there to seek support and to increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Keeping this in mind can help to diffuse any disagreements that you may have with somebody during a meeting. Returning to a place of unity and keeping the common welfare of the group in mind is an integral part of the success of all Narcotic Anonymous groups. Do your best to stay focused on the current topic being discussed. Staying on topic during discussion allows for everyone to make sure that they get the chance to express themselves without being interrupted.

Like the title of our group suggests, anonymity is a huge factor in the success of our programs. Staying anonymous allows people to fully express themselves in the way that they need to during meetings. If you run into somebody from a meeting outside of the meeting space, it is imperative that you do not bring up the meetings. Doing this could have serious implications such as damaged reputation and job loss for an addict that has their use outed publicly.

In order to get the most out of meetings, it is important that you make an effort to regularly attend them. Regularly attending meetings allows you to familiarize yourself with the steps, and also allows you to have access to the outside support that is often necessary during recovery. Regularly attending the “IsoGop” meetings will also allow you to better assist others on their journeys, if you decide that you would like to become a sponsor later on.