World Congress on Global Optimization (WCGO)

The iSoGO flagship meeting is the World Congress on Global Optimization (WCGO) , which is organized biannually. Additionally, the iSoGO  sponsors year round symposia, workshops and research conferences. Interested people who want to host or organize WCGO or any related conference, please contact either the iSoGO president or secretary-general for details.

  • WCGO-I: held in Changsha, Hunan, China, June 1-5, 2009.
  • WCGO-II: held in  Chania, Greece, July 3-7, 2011
  • WCGO-III: held in Huangshang, China, July 7-12, 2013. Web page
  • WCGO-IV:   Florida, USA. Feb 22-25, 2015, Web Page
  • WCGO-V: College Station, Texas, USA, 2017.

iSoGO Annual Meeting and Special Symposia

In addition to WCGO, iSoGO organizes an official annual meeting and symposia on different topics. If you are interested to be the host, please contact the iSoGO secretary at for details.  

2014 iSoGO Annual Meeting:

International Symposium on Interdisciplinary Computation and Optimization

December 20-25, 2014 The Yellow Mountains, Web page



Information for WCGO-III:

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The 2013 World Congress on Global Optimization (WCGO III) was held on July 8-12, 2013 in Yellow Mountain, Anhui, China. This world congress offers an excellent forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of global optimization from all over the world.
A primary goal of the WCGO III is to bring together scientists, engineers, mathematicians and patricians from a variety of related disciplines, to exchange ideas and present original research results in the theory and applications of global optimization.  The conference is composed of featured symposia, plenary lectures, invited sessions, and contributed sessions.
The conference is organized by International Society of Global Optimization (; Anhui University of Science and Technology (AUST), China; Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China; Princeton University,USA; Tsinghua University, China; Dailian University of Technology (DUST), China; University of Ballarat (UB), Australia; University of Florida (UF), USA; and University of Washington (UW), USA.
The themes for this conference include Global Optimization Theory and Its Applications in Engineering and Sciences. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings by Springer  and some selected high-quality papers will be published in the special issues of several SCI/SCI-E indexed main-stream international journals, such as Journal of Global Optimization, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, and Optimization Letters, etc.

Conference Committees

General Chair:


  • C. Floudas (Princeton, USA)
  • Wenxun Xing (Tsinghua, China)

Organizing Co-Chairs:

  • S-Y Wang (CAS)
  • Zhixiang Yin (AUST)
  • W.A. Chaowalitwongse (UW)


International Organizing Committee:

  • Professor Murat Adivar, Izmir University of Economics,  Turkey,
  • Jein-Shan Chen, National Taiwan Normal University,
  • Professor Weimin Han, University of Iowa, USA
  • Professor Chee Peng Lim, Deakin University, Australia,
  • Professor Baoding Liu, Tsinghua University,
  • Professor Guoshan Liu, Chinese Renming University,
  • Professor CK Loo, University of Malaya, Malaysia,
  • Professor Stanislaw Migorski,Jagiellonian University, Poland,
  • Professor Yong Kang Sui, Beijing,
  • Professor Wenyu Sun, Nanjing Normal University, China,
  • Professor Sim Kok Swee, Multimedia University, Malaysia,
  • Professor Xiaoming Yuan, Hong Kong,
  • Ming-Jong Yao, National Chaotung University, Taiwan,
  • Professor Wuyi Yue, Konan University, Japan,
  • Professor Zelda Zabinski, University of Washington, USA, zelda@U.WASHINGTON.EDU
  • Professor Yuanguo Zhu, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China,

Local Organizing Committee

Chairman: Zhixiang Yin (Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)

Associate Chairman:

Jingzhao Li(Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)

Yourui Huang(Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)

Laiwang Jing(Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)

Mengran Zhou(Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)

Qianjin Zhao(Anhui University of Science and Technology,China)


Anhui university of Science and Technology,China: Xing Liang, Feng Xu, Dequan Li, Xianwen Fang, Yong Li, Jianfa Qian, Ziqiang Fan, Yu Wang,

University of Ballarat: Yi Che, Ning Ruan, Chaojie Li, Xiaojun Zhou.

Yuejin Hu(Huangshan University,China), Shiqin Xu (China Remin University)

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