1. Does the “IsoGop” Addiction Recovery Center in Helena Accept insurance?

    Yes, we work with most insurance providers. In the event that you are uninsured or do not have insurance we offer flexible payment plans and sponsorship plans for those that are unable to afford payments through traditional means.

  2. Can I bring a family member with me to treatment?

    It is not allowed to bring a family member our outsiders into group meetings. Group meetings are meant to be a safe space exclusively for those that are in recovery from addiction. Bringing somebody with you to a group meeting may hinder the growth and progress of other people. They may not feel comfortable opening up and sharing around somebody who isn’t an addict. However, if you would like to bring somebody with you to your personal counseling sessions, you are aloud to. Keep in mind that while outside support can be beneficial, it may be difficult to do the work that you need to if a family member is there listening to what you are saying. Try it alone first.

  3. Are tobacco and nicotine products allowed in your treatment center?

    Yes, we allow people to smoke cigarettes and use other nicotine products such as vaporizers. However, this must be done in the designated smoking areas. Even with vaporizers. The smells and clouds of vapor can cause distractions and be unpleasant to the other people there for treatment inside of the building.

  4. How long should a person spend in treatment?

    The answer to this question depends very much on the individual and their substance abuse history. It is generally the recommendation that people have additional support through treatment facilities for at least 3 months when beginning the journey to recovery. If a person does not have a strong support network of friends and family that are not addicts to go to for support we recommend that the person attends our meetings for a longer period of time. If a person does not have a strong history of drug abuse, and only used for a few months they may not require treatment that is as intensive.

  5. Should I seek inpatient or outpatient services?

    If you can afford inpatient recovery services they are the way to go if you have a long serious history of drug use and dependency. Inpatient recovery services allow for a more immersive experience. This type of treatment allows people to remove themselves from toxic environments, and is therefor recommended for people that have had multiple relapses due to environmental pressure.

  6. What is an aftercare plan?

    An aftercare plan is a course of action that the person in treatment and their counselor develop to create steps for rebuilding ones life after recovery. Aftercare plans help people to be prepared after leaving treatment. They ensure that the person has proper coping mechanisms in place as well as allowing the person to know what to do ahead of time if they experience a craving and are tempted to relapse.

  7. Should I follow the 12 steps?

    This is a personal choice, but it is recommended that people at least give it a try a few times before deciding not to. There is a bit of sigma surrounding the 12 steps, but they have stood the test of time for a reason and have allowed many people to improve their lives, and stay sober.

  8. Can I get treatment at your center if I’m not yet clean?

    Yes, we offer resources to assist those who wish to move forward with treatment get through the acute withdrawal stage safely. We do not turn addicts away that are serious about getting clean. Once you have successfully completed our detox protocol you can begin to move forward with the other tools that we have available to you to move forward in your recovery.

  9. Do I have to be over the age of 18?

    If you are under the age of 18 you can participate in one of our youth programs. Our youth programs are designed specifically with adolescences in mind and is better suited for teenagers than our regular meetings. Our adolescent treatment programs offer the tools that you need to get back on track with your future.

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