Members’ Experience

Samantha Anderson

My experience receiving treatment from the The “IsoGop” in Helena was extremely positive. I was worried about getting treatment. It was my first time seeking help for the issue that I had been struggling with. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff members were kind and non-judgmental. I had been struggling with heroin addiction for close to eight months before seeking treatment at this center.

If I had not received the support of the people that run this center I would still be struggling with my addiction. The one on one counseling that I received from the center helped me to develop a solid plan for my recovery. I have been clean for closer to a year now thanks to the help of the people that work in this center.

Bill Motyka

I had been using heroin off and on for close to five years before my wife convinced me to get the help that I needed. My addiction had really been taking its toll on my family. The “IsoGop” center linked me up with the tools that I needed to finally get and stay clean. The group meetings have allowed me to fight my cravings thanks to the support of my peers and suggestions from the counselor.

I have been heroin free for two years now since seeking my treatment at this center! I finally get to be a husband to my wife again now that I am clean. Getting treatment from the The “IsoGop” Recovery center has been the best decision that I’ve made in a very long time.

Dan O’Connell

I would recommend the The “IsoGop” in Helena to anyone looking to get serious about fighting their addiction. Their medically assisted detox team allowed me to go through the withdrawal process with minimal discomfort. I had tried to get clean on my own before but the withdrawal symptoms where too much for me to handle on my own.

Thanks to the help that I got from the addiction recovery center in Helena I have finally been able to move forward with the next steps of the recovery process. I have been regularly participating in the group meetings that they offer and I have found them to be incredibly helpful. The support that the counselors and other group members offer has played a huge role in my success staying clean so far. I am almost six months clean now.

Jill Smith

I had been hanging out with the wrong crowd and over time my occasional meth used spiraled into a full blown addiction. After about 6 months of time I had lost my job, and all means of supporting myself due to the lack of motivation. Before I knew it I had resorted to stealing from my friends and family. Luckily for me, they did not press charges and encouraged me to seek treatment instead.

The addiction recovery center here in Helena has allowed me to get my life back on track. After getting through the physical withdrawals, I started developing a plan for my future with the help of their support staff. They have been assisting me with developing a personalized recovery plan to help me with setting solid goals for my recovery.

Amanda Broadwell

I started using drugs with my boyfriend when I was in my late teenage years. By the time that I got to be into my mid-twenties substance abuse had become a large part of my life. So much so that it had begun to entirely take over my existence. Last year I knew that I really need to seek help for myself If I wanted to stay alive. I realized that I needed to make a serious change.

After doing some research I found that the The “IsoGop” center was the closet treatment center near me. I was not disappointed with my decision to move forward with getting my treatment from them. They helped to make sure that I was comfortable during the physical detox process, and have set me up with one on one counseling so that I can have the support that I need moving forward with healing from my addiction.