Methods of Treatment

by in Blog December 11, 2018

There are many methods of treatment that we offer at The “IsoGop” Addiction Recovery Center, but one of our best and most effective treatment modalities are the group therapy sessions that we facilitate. Oftentimes people that are in recovery from addiction are lacking adequate support networks. This is because addicts have a tendency to isolate themselves while using, and begin to depend on their drug of choice instead of their friends and family for support through tough times.

Our group therapy sessions allow those that are in recovery to rebuild their interpersonal skills. Group therapy sessions create a space that is safe, supporting, and encouraging.

Most of the time group therapy sessions only have about 10 people and sometimes even less than that. This allows for bonds to form between the participants and makes it a more enriching experience than larger Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Most often our meetings have the chairs all facing together in a circle. This allows everyone to feel seen and heard due to the fact that everyone is facing one another and fully visible. Usually, the people that are attending the meetings are all in differing stages in their recovery. This allows people who have progressed further in their recovery to give valuable advice and insight to those who are just starting out.

Group therapy sessions usually meet twice per week. There will be a licensed addictions counselor there to facilitate the meetings. The counselor will start the group session by asking questions and facilitating topics of conversation.

Sometimes group therapy sessions may also include lectures and hands on exercises to make the experience more enriching.  

Often times even people who do not normally enjoy socializing find group therapy to be an enriching experience due to the amount of support that they are able to get from their peers. Group therapy helps those in recovery regain trust, and rebuild their social skills. The skills that are learned in group therapy can be applied when working to repair real life connections in the outside world.

To get the most out of the group therapy experience, be sure that you are being open and receptive. Being open and receptive to feedback can help you to learn valuable lessons in your recovery.  These sessions work best if everyone is willing to be vulnerable and honest when they share their experiences with one another.