David Y Gao

gaoProfessor David Gao received his  PhD in Engineering Mechanics and Applied Math from Tsinghua University. Since then, he has held research and teaching positions in different institutes including MIT (Math and Ocean Engineering), Yale (Mechanical Engineering), Harvard (Math), University Hong Kong (Civil Engineering), the University of Michigan (Math and Applied Mechanics), and Virginia Tech (Math). Professor Gao moved to Australia in 2010 as the Alex Rubinov Professor of Mathematics at Federation University Australia. He is also a Research Professor at Australian National University.

Professor David Y. Gao is an internationally renowned scholar for his research and professional activities in the fields of applied mathematics, theoretical and engineering mechanics, operations research, industrial and systems engineering.  He has published one research monograph (454 pp), one handbook, seven edited books, and about 160 scientific and philosophic papers. His main research contributions include a breakthrough canonical duality-triality theory, several mathematical models in engineering mechanics and material science, a series of complete solutions to a class of nonconvex/nonsmooth problems in nonlinear analysis and mechanics, and some deterministic methods/algorithms for solving certain NP-hard problems in global optimization and computational science. One application of this canonical duality theory in large deformation solid mechanics solved a 50-years open problem and  leads to a pure complementary energy principle (click  here  to see details), which  has broad applications in engineering mechanics and physics.  One of the large deformed beam models he proposed in 1996  has been used extensively in literature (see  the nonlinear Gao beam). In discrete systems, this canonical duality theory shows that the NP-hard 0-1 integer programming problems are identical to a continuous unconstrained Lipschitzian global optimization problem which can be solved deterministically (see here).

Professor Gao is a founding editor for Springer book series of Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics , Taylor & Francis book series of Modern Mechanics and Mathematics. He serves as an associate editor for several journals of applied math, optimization, mechanics, dynamical systems, and industrial and management engineering.

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