12-Step Program of NA – One Of The Ways Of Therapy At The “IsoGop”

by in Blog February 26, 2019

When former addicts come to our center, they undergo a recovery program known as the 12-Step Program of NA. This program is a tested step-by-step process that’s meant to help former addicts improve their chances of a full recovery.

What Are The 12-Steps?

  1. The first stage of the 12-Steps is admitting how one has lost the ability to manage life due to the power of their addiction.
  2. With that acceptance comes the second step: believing that one can find the power, can find God, to restore one’s life and sanity to normal.
  3. The third step is deciding to turn ourselves over to God and His care.
  4. Step four is searching within one’s self and taking account of one’s collective morality.
  5. The fifth step involves admitting to God, to ourselves, and to other fellow humans that we have done wrong.
  6. The sixth step is readying one’s self to have God remove all of our bad qualities.
  7. The seventh step is then requesting God to remove those defects of ours.
  8. In the eight step, we assess all those that we may have harmed in the process of our addiction, and we prepare ourselves to make amends to each and every one of them.
  9. In the ninth step, you will then begin the process of making those amends whenever possible, so long as it does good.
  10. Step ten involves performing a continual assessment of one’s self and one’s doing to see if anything was done was wrong and admitting those wrongs.
  11. During the eleventh step, prayer and meditation are done to maintain proper contact with God and hoping to acquire some of his knowledge to then employ it for one’s recovery as well as the betterment of others.
  12. During the twelfth and final step, the former addict will reach spiritual awakening and is expected to practice these steps not just in recovery, but to employ them wherever possible so as to inspire others to avoid addiction as well as all other vices.

Narcotics Anonymous doesn’t discriminate in what kinds of drug addictions it treats. At The “IsoGop” Addiction Recovery Center in Helena, there are a variety of ways that recovering addicts can find treatment and recovery. But one of the most effective methods is the group therapy sessions that our center provides. That is because one of the greatest challenges that recovering addicts face is having a substantial human support network. Medical treatment can only go so far. But relapse can happen at any time, and it is more likely to happen at home than while at a treatment facility. With the proper group therapy sessions and with building a strong support network of friends and family, a recovering addict can have a much higher chance of achieving full recovery, or at least recovering to the point of true independence.