Upcoming Events and Speakers

An evening with Andrew Krans

Andrew is a motivational speaker that implements a unique mix of humor and spirituality to keep people inspired on their journey to recovery. Andrew speaks openly about his own experiences with addiction ands hares a bit about his journey and how he became involved with helping others as a licensed drug counselor.

An afternoon of art therapy with Melissa Assini

Art therapy can be used to help with a wide variety of conditions. In this event we will explore art and how it can be used as a tool for addiction recovery. There will be a few different types of supplies available to use for free. No need to bring your own! Come learn about how you can use art as a tool.

A morning chat with Sondra Feldman

Sondra is a speaker and an educator that has taken her teaching talents from the classroom out into the world to assist us in learning about addiction in modern times. Sondra is a licensed clinical drug and alcohol counselor. Sondra believes in the power of knowledge as tool for a successful recovery.

Meditation and Mindfulness Class

In this event basic meditation and mindfulness practices are explored in practical ways. Meditation doesn’t have to just be sitting still for hours at a time. Did you know that moving meditation is a thing? How about that you can also access calm, meditative states of consciousness through listening to music?  In this class we explore how we can use the principals of meditation to remain centered and calm in day to day life. Meditation and basic mindfulness practices can help the recovery process immensely. It has been prove that those in recovery who learn about mindfulness practices have a lower relapse rate than those who do not learn about it.