What is NA?

by in Blog December 11, 2018

Narcotics Anonymous is an off shoot of Alcoholics Anonymous. After those struggling from alcohol addiction saw that the Alcoholics Anonymous program worked for them, they realized that the same structure could also be followed with success for those seeking recovery from drug addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous works under the premise of teamwork – one addict helping and assisting another addict through the process of recovery. The Narcotics Anonymous meetings allow attendees to discuss their experiences with people who have been through the process, or those who are going through the process themselves.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings operate under the principals of the 12 steps. The 12 step program is a tried and trusted set of steps that those seeking recovery from addiction can follow in order to increase their chances of a successful outcome.
Narcotics Anonymous is not a religious organization, and is open to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. However, it does operate off of simple spiritual principals such as compassion and faith.

People who have been a part of the Narcotics Anonymous program for a while often opt to become sponsors. Sponsors work one on one with new members of the program in order to provide the additional support that is often necessary on the road to recovery.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings allow users to heal the blockages within themselves that lead to addiction, so that they do not cause problems during recovery. These meetings facilitate a sense of strength and renewed hope in fighting addictions.

There are multiple Narcotics Anonymous meetings held each day in every country all over the world. The program is flexible and allows for those that choose to participate in the meetings to attend at times that work for them. This allows new members to start attending meetings at their own pace.

The “IsoGop” Addiction Recovery Center in Helena use the NA traditions as the source and basis of the traditions of recovery, but also add our personal methods and developments to the treatment.